Sans Tabù designs Bespoke products for customers who prefer the uniqueness and the craftsmanship, the timeless limited edition; furnishings, bed linens and tablecloths with unique sizes, or for special events like anniversary celebrations and weddings.

To satisfy the increasing desire to customize and differentiate, a "turn key" service ; LE DECOR D’ARTISTE project has been launched for Hotels and Spas, private homes and yachts.

In partnership with trusted art advisors and relying on the client’s specific requests, SANS TABU’ will select the artist most suitable to be entrusted with the conception of a dedicated décor theme.
Each project is original; not ‘influenced’ or ‘inspired’ by an artist or genre. That is why the suggested decors and the interpretation of a specific work of art are not bound to ephemeral trends but, rather, breathe a life of their own becoming timeless with a strong distinctive mark and quality.

SANS TABU’ will act as the art director, translating and producing a work of art into furniture and furnishings that will lend even more uniqueness and exclusivity to a project, ultimately to become the aesthetic and cultural expression of the ship or home owner, of a place, of an establishment: walls, carpets, beds, sofas, towels, ceramics, chinaware, curtains, ornated fourniture and objects, as well as lines of products for Hotels and Spas.

Thanks to its valuable network and decade-long experience in the field, SANS TABU’ collaborates with the excellence of Made in Italy firms, artisans, designers, and colorists who develop projects paying attention to the smallest of detail, turning an idea into a unique product that has been specifically conceived for their client and not for reproduction in series.

SANS TABU BESPOKE | DÉCOR D’ARTISTE is a distinctive project and service of the highest quality and content reserved to those who want the best; for a product that is conceived, modeled and prepared for their exclusive pleasure and needs.

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