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Youkali is born under the wings of a joyful and powerful Eros.
Images where the exchange of genders often melts into irony and adapt to a universe of impalpable and precious materials like silk and cashmere for foulards,
scarves, stoles, handkerchiefs and even blankets and cushions and pareos in cotton silk muslin.
Refined, ironic accessories to carry with you, slightly hidden and to reveal at the appropriate time.
Intriguing objects to linger over, to extract a promise or for an unforgettable farewell.


Youkali pays homage to the song that Kurt Weill wrote in Paris in 1924.

“Youkali, c’est presqu’au bout du monde, c’est le pays de nos désirs, c’est le bonheur,
c’est le plaisir, c’est le respect de tous les vœux échangés.
Youkali, c’est le pays des beaux amours partagés, c’est l’espérance qui est au cœur de tout les humains...”

Youkali is made of shared and beautiful love, of promises kept, lamps that illuminate the night, abandon, pleasure. Youkali is the fabric upon which Desideria designed flashes of images between music and words.

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