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Under the Sea is capsule dedicated to the mythology of the underworld and to the holidays: cool and featherweight kimonos, kaftans, tunics and sarongs made of cotton and silk muslin, silk georgette in the colors of the deep sea at night or the glimmering morning sand. Sophisticated, playful garments that express joy for life characterized by ample graphic volumes and sensual patterns.

Under the Sea

Fabio Visintin tells us “In the beginning, a book I read some years ago came to mind: Mystery Dance: On the Evolution of Human Sexuality by Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan.
I realized that the idea I wanted to convey was about playful sexuality, one that could express sensuality and a strong feeling of freedom (even from gravity), the freedom that you can only find on the bottom of the sea, in the mysterious abyss, precisely where life finds its origin. I wanted to create designs that were sinuous and elegant, sort of silhouettes in the warm embrace of a dance. Initially, I was freely inspired by Japanese illustrations of the Shunga (spring wind), also known as Makurae (pillow painting) or Higa (secret painting). What struck me in these works was their strongly defined context: objects, landscape, clothing, all designed with extreme precision, as if the observation of detail would prolong the fruition of the image and, thus, the erotic power of the image.
Fascinated by this art, I elaborated my images using more western, Mediterranean canons and ideas. The male figures are vaguely inspired by the representations of ancient Greek heroes.
I looked for contrasts that, seen together, would create harmonious compositions: soft female figures, characterized by light surfaces, in contrast with vigorous male figures with the idea of representing a dance or, better, the most mysterious of dances, the one that attracts two bodies (perhaps in love? Why not…).

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