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The Eros Ludique canvases adapt to diverse tactile and material supports and take on different shapes to dress the home, its hosts and guests; accessories and fetishes that you will never abandon.
With a timeless and strongly contemporary quality they are the visual tales and brushstrokes of today.
The Sans Tabù Editions stands out for the quality of its materials and strong distinctive mark, becoming objects
of stimulating pleasure in their daily use, creating allusive spaces, ironic and lighthearted empathy, audacious and joyful atmospheres.
Personal items: wool, silk, and cashmere scarves and foulards, kimonos, pajamas and lingerie.
Home furnishings: pillows, throws, bed and table linens, and quilts made of cashmere, silk, cotton and linen, wall papers and carpets.

Eros Ludique

Mark Harfield tells:
“Sans Tabù are about celebrating sensuality, joyful physical connection. My challenge was to keep the flavour of my personal work, match this to imagery that was in keeping with the Sans Tabù ethos and also create work that discerning clientele would want to wear on their bodies. I met this challenge by keeping the hard hand-drawn graphic starting point, that I deploy in all my work, to fill the area, subjects and objects included. I introduced textures, next I let colour move in and around the space. I wanted colour to intoxicate, to fill a dimension all on its own. Aware that as the images are worn, wrapped around parts of the body, the works in their totality would be compromised; one may only sense a glimpse of the subject matter. Colour, texture and line had to work independently and inclusively, in part and in total of the overall narrative.
As to the subject matter itself, I cannot give such a clear reasoning to it. I lay my pencil on the blank sheet of paper and often I am as surprised as anyone at what appears. The word that kept me on course was Ludic, which is from the french word Ludique, meaning ‘showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness’.

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