L’esprit sans tabù

Sans Tabù is dedicated to everyone that has dynamic, free, contagious, libertine thinking. Sans Tabù has no gender, it is for both men and women, for men who love men, or women who love women, because it celebrates an Eros that stops not at a definition.


Sans Tabù is a brand born in Milan in 2013 stemming from an intuition that audaciously blends Eros, art, fashion, and handicraft through a network of partnerships in continuous evolution.

An eccentric, playful and intriguing concept that Luisa Bezzi – the inspiring soul of the brand and experienced fashion designer with an unbridled passion for textiles – has poured into a total lifestyle look with Homewear, day&night Loungewear, Accessories, and Beachwear for men and women.

Artists and graphic artists create the exclusive designs for the collections, or rather, the Editions that do not follow the strict rules of the seasons (that are practically nonexistent anymore), and maintain their value and appeal over time.

The tale of each Edition is told through precious fabrics, harmoniously blended colors, pleasant tactile sensations, lines and drawings that are brought to life thanks to the expertise of fabulous all-Italian artisans who dye, imagine, weave, braid, embroider, and manufacture original, luxurious and transgressive pieces.

Sans Tabù has exhibited at the most important trade fairs, such as White in Milan and Tranoi in Paris, with a special focus on Maison & Objet Paris. The Sans Tabù Editions immediately won the heart and attention of Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Grazia, Gioia, trend bloggers, and online magazines from the world of art and fashion.
Some garments and home décor items have been chosen for the movies “Sei mai stata sulla luna?” directed by Paolo Genovese, “Le Leggi del desiderio” directed by Silvio Muccino, "Summertime " directed by Gabriele Muccino and "Emma" directed by Silvio Soldini.

Work and Ethics
Sans Tabù is an original trademark certified Made in Italy.
Each garment is entirely manufactured in Italy in the surrounding area of the city of Milan, where the brand has its corporate office.
Our suppliers and their partners operate in compliance with the laws in force and with safety rules and regulations, lending us their precious contribution in a relationship of shared trust and professionalism.