Sans Tabù


Sans Tabù was born in Milan in 2014 stemming from an intuition that audaciously blends art, fashion and the great school of Italian craftsmanship, through a network of in continuous evolution. An unmatched mix that projects quality beyond tradition.


Sans Tabù means luxurious and sophisticated home linens and accessories, unexpected creations in tune with the contemporary lifestyle. A unique offer of exclusive high-quality fabrics, harmoniously blended colors, pleasant tactile sensations, lines and drawings that are brought to life thank the expertise of fabulous all-Italian artisans who dye, imagine, weave, knit, embroider, and finish original pieces and coordinated items.


Far from a superfluous chain production Sans Tabu collections are imagined as part of an ideal “trousseau”, a hope chest for our times, made up of valuable pieces that last over time, rich in creativity, poetry, and sensuality. Refined objects to keep for yourself or to give as a gift. For those who will not give up the pleasure of quality on their own skin and of beauty for their senses.


Sans Tabù is an original trademark certified Made in Italy. Each garment is entirely manufactured in Italy in the surrounding area of the city of Milan, where the brand has its corporate office. Our suppliers and their partners operate in compliance with the laws in force and with safety rules and regulations, lending us their precious contribution in a relationship of shared trust and professionalism.

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