Sans Tabù

Sans Tabù is an Italian Lifestyle Brand interblending design and fashion. An unmatched incubator that projects quality beyond tradition, reinterpreted with an artistic and modern spirit. A source of inspiration.

Sans Tabù was conceived in 2014 as a sophisticated producer of exceptional home linens and accessories.

From inception, collections derived and created through constant research for premium quality materials and techniques, always respecting the environment in order to produce selected durable, daily-use objects for all Lifestyles.

The constant research and curiosity in order to propose something unique are the distinctive traits of the Brand. Throughout the years Sans Tabù enlarged its collection editing its own line of soft furnishings, becoming a Brand with a distinctive voice and a point of reference for contemporary style and a better quality of daily life, all with a cutting-edge proposal, projected towards innovation, while hosting other Brands to complete harmoniously a Sans Tabù experience.

In 2020, an important sustainability project comes to life: a refined and comfortable collection in natural fibers has been designed for bedding, bathroom and table soft furnishing as well as sleepwear, loungewear, sportswear, travel and casual clothing, for both adults and youngsters; comfort and well-being is the key intention and mood.

Sans Tabù is an original certified trademark Made in Italy. Each garment is entirely manufactured in Italy in the surrounding areas of the city of Milan, where the Brand has its headquarters. Our suppliers and their partners operate in compliance with the laws enforced with safety rules and regulations, lending us their precious contribution in a relationship of shared trust and professionalism.

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